22 7 / 2014

Sometimes… I’m awesome. 

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19 7 / 2014


You helped us win one. We want another! ;)

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11 7 / 2014

yzmas-fucking-eyelashes said: So. My theater class did a thing where we got to do a Comdey Sportz workshop and my boyfriend and I saw your picture up on the wall and I was curious if that is still a thing you do? Or has it taken a backburner to family life?

Oh yeah, I still do it. Might try and hop into a show this weekend, actually.

11 7 / 2014

islandofflightlessbirds said: You're probably done answering stuffs and things, but I was wondering what you're currently listening to as far as newish music goes and if you hve any recommendations? Ps ur my favorite person

What I’ve been listening to the most these past couple weeks are:

The Neighborhood 
James Vincent McMorrow
Culture Club
Phil Collins

11 7 / 2014

honorable-thief said: What if this actually isn't joe and just some guy in Sweden trolling us all and pretending he is joe.

He’s on to us (insert Swedish name)! Shut down the account. It’s time to flee to (insert Swedish city) to hideout and dine on (insert Swedish food) for years. 

11 7 / 2014

baconcrispmctwist said: What's the best perk of working at SourceFed?

The stockpiles of blood in the back storage area. We have 13 coolers dedicated to preserving pints of human, cow, chicken, deer, and elk blood. They’re available to all employees, no questions asked. Anytime one of us feels a little drained, we’re free to go in the back, grab a bag and suck it down. It’s a little thing, but I tell you what, it’s nice to know that our company cares.

11 7 / 2014

beccanator62 said: Do your friends find you as funny as your audience does.?

Sometimes. My friends are way funnier than me. 

11 7 / 2014

csihet said: how was/is your day goodness knows what time it is where you are also those khaki shorts you wore the other day were the most dad shorts i've ever seen congratulations

I filled them with pasty dad thighs. 

11 7 / 2014

bronmeetsworld said: Any advice for someone hoping for a job in acting or performing arts?

Make your own art. Don’t wait for someone to tell you that you are good enough for their art. Show that you’re awesome through yourself. Write, act, shoot, edit, grow, and eventually, people will come knocking. That being said, allow yourself to learn from others. Watch movies, audition for plays, take classes and become a student of your craft.

11 7 / 2014

cagedlunatic said: If you could pick two hosts to host Table Talk with forever who would it be?

Steve and Lee. 

We laugh, sing, improv, delve into the serious on occasion, and produce some of, what I consider, the best moments on the show. It never feels like work when we’re clicking on all cylinders.