10 4 / 2014


so table talk was buffering and


joe berreta is 3000% done with your shit


05 4 / 2014

tucan657 asked: Did your daughter ever find out about the magic not being real?


05 4 / 2014

eggscape asked: What's one milestone you can't wait for with your daughter?

Every day is a milestone. She esplodes my brain with her utter brilliance each and every day. 

But also, when she wins the Space War of 2056.

05 4 / 2014

cocaine-is-bad-for-you asked: my question is why are you so amazing Joe like why man no but seriously you are awesome I'm pretty sure i would cry if i got a hug from you like a stern manly cry while dragons fly around over head

I’m gonna hug you cause I frickin’ love dragons.

05 4 / 2014

blue-nerd asked: What's up Joe?

See previous “what’s up” post.

05 4 / 2014

imthatgolfkid asked: What Disney movie do you think is the best, music wise? Me and my bros are watching Mulan and I don't think let's get down to business can be beat, do you agree?

A Goofy Movie. 

If you disagree, shut up.

05 4 / 2014

jamesmccormick41 asked: whats up joe?

The sky.


And north on a map.


And a Pixar movie.


Kill me.

05 4 / 2014

honorable-thief asked: How do I become as manly as you

It’s not hard. Just be born. You’ll eclipse it real fast if you can stomach salmon or point out the timing belt in an automobile.

05 4 / 2014

nerdgasmicism asked: If power is pizza, is pizza knowledge?

Pizza is dough, cheese, sauce, garlic, chicken, bacon, onions and sun-dried tomatoes if you’re doing it right.

05 4 / 2014

honorable-thief asked: Hi!

Please get out of my closet sir.