17 10 / 2014

winterking said: where would you like to travel to?


17 10 / 2014

scavengerofnicebutts said: Will you be uploading any new content on your personal YouTube channel soon? P.s. Love very much and would like to shake your hand.

Life is busy.

17 10 / 2014

csihet said: omg hi joe you met my friend kinjal today and she just sent me the video i'd just like to say thank you so much you've made my evening slash life i love you and your pasty dad thighs

My pasty father quads reciprocate your love.

17 10 / 2014

sugarstring said: Hi Joe! My name's Dara. First, I wanted to tell you that I love your work on Sourcefed/ Sourcefednerd because it's something I've really found myself looking forward to everyday :) And second, I was just wondering if you ever get anxious or discouraged from trying new things or meeting new people? Also if you do- what do you do to ease those feelings?

Yes. All the time. I’m naturally pretty shy and I also tend to beat myself up a bit. I’m not very fair to myself sometimes. I guess I get over it sometimes by just taking a chance on me. It’s almost always worth it.

17 10 / 2014

bartalln said: Do you know how to whistle with your fingers or with your teeth pressing against your bottom lip? I've just been trying to whistle real loudly ever since I saw that bow scene in Guardians of the Galaxy! The best harm I could do was shoot fountains of saliva.

I can’t.
Thanks for bringing it up.

*Crawls into the nearest corner, curls up, and cries as he is reminded of all his past failures. 

17 10 / 2014

gingernerd14 said: Can you please grow your beard again? You always shave when it starts getting magnificent again. Let's not talk about the moustache of last Christmas though.

Are you speaking of the holiday miracle that is the moustache of cheer?Every year, that magical lip-toupee regenerates to spread holiday merriment. And every Christmas Eve Eve as the little children around the world slumber, the moustache of cheer gently creeps into their rooms and bristles above their sleeping heads, cascading nummy crumbs from its thick hair. The enchanted food particles are filled with dreams of Christmases past and as they tumble into the agape mouths of the children, they are whisked away to a time forgotten. The moustache is good. The moustache is pure. The moustache is magic. Let us never speak ill of it again.

17 10 / 2014

wellthisis-awks said: Are you as excited to come to Toronto as we are? :D

I twas. 

25 8 / 2014

Beards are…

Sometimes filled with tiny bits of food.

Beards are Beautiful 

25 8 / 2014

Joe Bereta Vine Compilation 3


- Word Play
- Are You A Wizard?
- Twitter Limerick
- Do It For The Vine
- Frat Turtle
- Adorable Evil Genius
- One Direction Turns On A Lamp
- People Be Like
- MC M-Lyfe Crisis & Infant Jack
- Hey Tough Guys…
- The Most Beautiful Girl In The World
- Do You Want To Build A Snowman? (Cover)
- Expendables 3 Trailer
- Priority Mail
- The NFL QB That Likes To Watch His Teammates Have Sex in The Locke Room


21 8 / 2014